GRP Drain Covers

GRP drain covers are the latest in manhole cover materials with decided advantages over older BMC, concrete or cast iron covers. Made of glass reinforced plastic, these covers have near complete resistance to toxins, with a high strength to weight ratio.

Tribeni Fiber Private Limited manufactures world class GRP drain covers made of top grade resin system. The thermoset material of the drain cover gives it a long durability. The light, yet strong material is ideal can withstand heavy wear and tear of vehicular traffic. We also promise a strict adherence to high quality standards. Our drain covers are suitable to be used all kind of terrains — from residential societies to roads.

Why Choose Tribeni Fiber Drain Covers?

We are trusted an ISO 9001: 2015 Certified company, involved in manufacturing of GRP and FRP products. Our clients mainly come from civil engineering, railways, and building industries. We pride ourselves on the quality of our products which are made of only superior resin systems. This ensures that our products remain durable despite heavy usage. Our quality control is diligent in ensuring that each product passes the strictest of standards.

We also offer a wide range in GRP drain covers, including square, circular, and rectangular covers. Clients can also choose from gratings, moulded gratings, and protruded gratings. We offer customisation on special request. However, our present designs include most industry standards.

Advantages GRP Drain Covers

What makes GRP the most preferred material in casting drain covers? The answers lies in the material unique properties that puts it miles ahead of other alternatives.

Difficult to steal: The bottom lid is designed to fit snugly, making it difficult to lift or displace. Not only does it make it difficult to move accidentally, it also means that it cannot be lifted easily. A locking mechanism can be added on request. In addition, a GRP cover is not recyclable, which removes one of the biggest reasons for stealing.

Lightweight: This is perhaps the most lightweight material in drain covers. It is a fraction of the weight of concrete or cast iron. It can be easily lifted when required. This helps in emergencies and in regular inspections.

Resistance to corrosion: This is the biggest advantage of GRP drain covers. GRP has a remarkable resistance to moisture, temperature change and many of the highly corrosive fluids that are found in drains. This gives it resistance to fluids and chemicals from below and above ground.

Low thermal and electrical conductivity: The covers are not effected by high temperature or electrical discharge. It is also UV stabilised. This makes for rough outdoor conditions.

Aesthetic value: For residential properties, the aesthetic value of the covers also adds to its attraction. The colours in GRP drain covers are in-built. Hence, there is no danger of peeling or corroding paints.

If you are looking for GRP drain covers, give us a call.