Introduction to FRP Handrails

FRP is gaining importance these days. Owing to their succession of advantageous features, most of the foremost companies want to use it for their building material. Fiberglass handrail structures are made-up of pultruded fiberglass mechanisms. Such railing systems are principally well-matched to harsh atmospheres, which are seen in chemical, industrial and wastewater management plants and even the commercial structures along with salt air corrosion.

FRP Handrail Structures Are:

  • Erosion resilient
  • Physically Less in weight
  • Simple to connect
  • Easy to connect
  • Provision of design deviousness
  • Low in current conductivity

Low electrical conductivity FRP handrails are suitable to make a permanent and temporary boundary all over the open spaces where there is no requirement to be earthed and zero maintenance measures.

Product Description:

The FRP Handrails are quite hard-wearing compared to steel as well as aluminium, and the less electric conductivity of FRP creates the working platforms even harmless for workers. Furthermore, the less weighted FRP forms, handrails, and grating made the fitting at ease and quicker. FRP handrails are the best solution for corrosive operating atmospheres. As a result, fiberglass has developed to be the first material of choice for these operations.

Exceptional Features of FRP Handrails

  • Appealing Non-Conductive
  • High Dielectric Power
  • A more significant amount of Strength
  • Non-Eroding
  • Zero Resale Value
  • Steal Proof
  • Preservation and zero maintenance
  • Fire Retardant
  • Extended Life guarantee of Termite Proof

The Benefits of FRP’s Handrails Include:

  • Easy to assemble, does not require on-site welding – making for a more cost-effective solution than other handrail systems
  • Relatively more durable and lightweight handrails
  • Corrosion-resistant handrails
  • Fire retardant handrails
  • UV and thermally stable handrails
  • They are Vinyl Ester Resin that offers a supreme amount of chemical stability and resistance.

FRP handrails are appropriate for a full scope of structures and applications. These applications can shift from being used in security boundaries and shop fittings to extraordinary situations, such as mining, oil and gas, electrical sub-stations, and compound plants.

Being the well-known manufacturer and supplier of FRP handrail, there is much critical attention that we pay towards using the unique technology and excellent quality raw materials in designing such products. These products have, by now, developed to be famous in the marketplace and succeeded in suiting various industry potentials. The procedure and machine applied in the manufacturing process are tremendously classy and allow us to give a few of the peculiar touch for best performance. FRP are used for its engineering and are designed for obtainable in numerous specifications and size.

Control of Quality

  1. All the products are worked on a single aim to provide world-class FRP handrails, fiberglass handrails, GRP fencing, fiberglass fencing as well as FRP fencing to the clients at very reasonable rates.
  2. A strict quality procedure is followed as well as the rigorous testing process that is obtaining to the concluding delivery phase.
  3. All of the phases are cautiously taken care of by an accomplished team of specialists to provide only the most excellent quality products to the customers.