GRP Ladder Type Cable Tray

Tribeni fiber Pvt Ltd are the leading manufacturers of GRP ladder type cable tray across Gujarat with a nationwide presence. We are known for our strict quality standards and adherence to industry norms. We supply to high strength, corrosion-resistant and durable GRP and FRP products.

We are a are an ISO 9001: 2015 Certified company with a deep and committed partnership with clients. Our GRP cable trays are lightweight and made to withstand tough conditions. We have a long experience in dealing with various industries and understand their requirements. We also offer extremely competitive pricing to ensure that our products remain economical.

Why Choose GRP Cable Trays?

GRP has emerged as the most preferred material when dealing with corrosive environments. These trays are suitable for a whole host of locations, including outdoor installations, marine application and chemical factories. As cable tray material, GRP provides the safety of an antistatic material. It means that the trays can act as extra insulation.

GRP trays are also lightweight and easy to install. Despite this, it is one of the toughest materials in cable trays. This makes it ideal for overhead installations. These trays can handle a rough environment and handling.

What Set Our Products Apart?

Quality: Our products are manufactured using top grade resin system. The manufacturing process ensures optimum performance without compromising on standards. Our products are light-weight, but incredibly strong. Above all, we are committed to our quality control to ensure that every step of manufacturing meets our strict standards.

Durability: Our commitment to quality ensures that our products are durable and retain their structural integrity despite heavy use. GRP’s resistance to environmental and chemical corrosive elements adds to the durability of our product. Our cable trays will last a lifetime in perfect condition.

Value for money: With high durability and a low need for any kind of maintenance, our GRP products will last a long time and little in the long-term. Our products are also priced economically.

Customisation: We offer customisation on special requests. We can design and make cable trays according to specifications. Our trays can be designed to meet any requirement, from sizing, installation to design requirement.

Quick turnaround: We have established process that guarantee a quick turnaround. Once we have the specifications, we make sure that our products are quickly fabricated and installed.

Wide selection: Our trays come in a wide range of designs and specifications. Our line-up has been carefully selected to include industry standards, including vertical and horizontal bends. Customisation is offered to clients who have special requirements.

At Tribeni we welcome any queries and promise top class service. You can call or mail us.