FRP Ladder Type Cable Tray Manufacturers

Tribeni Fiber offers FRP ladder type cable trays in various sizes. We are one India’s leading manufacturers of composite products. We are an ISO 9001:2015 certified company, specialising in FRP/GRP products. We have exhaustive range of FRP trays, including FRP ladder type cable tray.

We use automated pultrusion process to ensure high quality throughout the production process. It is a continuous, automated process that is cost-effective with high production standard. Tribeni Fiber trays are known for their superior quality, finish and durability. We supply to a range of industries that require high performance materials, such as construction and manufacturing. Our trays can also withstand heavy corrosive environments, such as oil refineries, chemical plants and offshore platforms.

We have an extended range of ladder type cable trays, which is meant to meet any specifications. We offer both covered and without cover ladder type trays.

Why Choose Tribeni Ladder Type Cable Trays?

High load bearing trays Tribeni ladder type trays have epoxy bonded rungs for high strength and uniform load bearing capability. These trays are designed to carry heavy load without sagging.

Wide range: We offer a wide range of FRP ladders type cable trays to meet a wide range of requirements. Clients can order according to type, length, width, height, thickness or rung distances. The different type of trays are designed to meet the different installation designs.

Durability: FRP has excellent resistance to chemicals, acid fumes, fire, rust and different corrosives. Unlike other materials, the resistance to corrosives does not come from any special treatment. Instead, it is inherent to FRP which is a neutral material that does not react with chemicals, moisture or other corrosives. Hence, it is inherently durable even in the most demanding of work conditions.

Strength: FRP has one of the lowest strength to weight ratio. It means that despite its light weight, it is one of the strongest materials. The strength of FRP also comes from its continuous moulding process, which means that the frame has no joints and weak spots.

Low installation costs: Because of its light weight FRP ladders type cable trays are easy to install. They do not require any special tools or extensive labour support.

Maintenance free: The FRP trays do not get corroded or chipped. It does not require extra paint job or any extra treatment. There are no virtual maintenance costs.

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