GRP Pultruded Profiles Manufacturers India

Tribeni Fiber offers a range of GRP pultruded profiles to meet every requirement. Our pultruded products combine highest manufacturing standards with bespoke solutions and quick deliveries. We offer our expertise and experience in building a range of GRP products through the pultrusion process for a range of industries.

We are an ISO 9001:2015 certified company that offers specialisation in FRP/GRP products. We follow automated pultrusion process for maximum efficiency and cost-effectiveness. It is a continuous, automated closed-moulding process which guarantees consistent quality with high volume. Under this process glass fibres are impregnated with resin by pulling the fibres through a resin bath. It is then treated with hot stationary dye for polymerisation. Thus the glass fibre is reinforced with resin, giving us a durable and strong composite.

Applications of GRP Pultruded Profiles

GRP pultruded profiles can be cast into any mould for specific requirements. These profiles are used across a number of industries, particularly in electrical, construction applications. Some common pultruded profiles include, GRP Box Section, GRP Angle, GRP channel, GRP Rods, GRP Tube, Wide flange beam, I-Beam, and Flat Bars. These profiles form varied structures around us, from electric equipment covers to roofing sheets, platforms, handrails, ladders and gratings.

The Tribeni Advantage

Tribeni Fiber offers a range pultruded profiles. Customers can expect:

High quality pultrusion processes: We use modern equipment that is designed to make production quicker and cost-effective. Only high-grade resin is used in our pultrusion products to ensure consistent quality.

High strength material with consistent load bearing capacity: The profiles are moulded in uniform formulation with minimum joints to ensure minimal weak points.

Bespoke Solutions: We have a wide range of products. But we also offer bespoke products when required.

Highly durable products: GRP pultruded profiles have a high resistance to a range of corrosives, including chemicals and moisture. This resistance is inherent in the product. This makes it durable even in highly hostile conditions.

Range of installations: Tribeni Fibers provide pultruded profiles across different industrial sectors. Our range of products fit into different manufacturing plants, oil rigs, offshore installations and more.

At Tribeni we welcome any queries and promise top class service. You can call or mail us.