GRP Railing and Fencing

Tribeni Fiber Private Limited, a leading manufacturer of GRP products brings GRP railings and GRP fencing. We offer long-lasting and top grade products that meet every industry specifications. Made of superior grade resin, our GRP products will last a lifetime.

Our manufacturing process ensures a quick turnaround in a continuous process, ensuring that all products are of uniform size and quality. These railing and fencing have the unique qualities of GRP that make them ideal for a whole host of applications. GRP railings and fences are usually used as handrails, safety railings and safety barriers. The unique properties of GRP makes it a suitable material for hostile and highly corrosive environments like marine installations, electrical substations and chemical factories.

Applications of GRP railing and fencing are used include industries like:

  • Railways
  • Construction
  • Chemical industries
  • Electrical substation
  • High voltage pylons
  • Heavy machinery operations
  • Marine installations like gangways, access bridges and walkways

What we offer:

High grade products: At Tribeni Fiber we are diligent about maintaining the quality of our product line. Only top quality resin system is used in the manufacturing process. It ensures that our railings and fencing maintain their quality for a long time.

Superior product: Our GRP fencing and railing have clear advantages over other railing material like timber, steel or concrete. GRP has the highest strength to weight ratio, which means that you get railings that are super strong at less than half the weight. This brings down cost of installation and ease. It is also highly resistant to most corrosive elements, such as moisture and a number of chemicals, making it ideal for environments like chemical factories.

Quick turnover: We promise a quick turnover with our continuous manufacturing processes. We are capable handling bulk orders in highly precise specifications.

Experience: Tribeni Fiber has been part of this industry for the last 26 years and we have worked with a range of industries. We understand the unique requirements of each field and our team is adept at meeting any challenge.

Customisation: Although our range includes all the standard products, we can also manufacture as per specifications. We offer customisation when requested. If you require something specifically design, you can talk to our team to ensure that you get exactly what you are looking for.

Price advantage: Our entire product line is extremely cost competitive. We offer the best value for money in the industry. With our GRP products, you are assured of a durable product that requires little to no maintenance.

Professional service: We guarantee a completely professional service. We always ensure timely deliveries. Our products will match the strict of standards as our quality control is diligent at every step of the process. Our sales team is ready to meet any enquiry or query you may have at any step of the process.

If you have any queries about our GRP railing and GRP fencing, you can visit, call or mail us.