FRP Molded Gratings

Tribeni Fiber Private Limited offer FRP molded grating and structural shapes in a continuous and automated process, suitable for a range of applications. We are among the leading suppliers of FRP molded gratings and FRP pultruded gratings to a range of industries.

Our molded gratings have the advantage of a superior material like FRP. With a uniform cross-section, alignment fiber and resin distribution, our FRP gratings are manufactured with attention to every little detail. Our products promise durability with superior construction. What sets us apart from our competition is the ultra grade resin system applied at every step. At every step our emphasis lies on ensuing that our product has the strength and quality required to withstand heavy use and environmental weathering.

GRP Molded Gratings VS Alternatives

FRP molded gratings are miles ahead of stainless steel, timber or concrete. It has superior strength to weight ratio, longer life span, ease of installation and a higher resistance to corrosion.


FRP is has greater flexural strength than stainless steel, concrete or timber. It has the highest strength to weight ratio when it comes to common grating materials. For instance, at the same strength as steel, it will weigh 75% less. In other words, FRP is a lightweight material with superior strength.

Easy installation

FRP molded gratings are incredibly easy to install and can be customised as per certain specifications. Its light weight makes the job easier, allowing us to undertake overhead installations at minimal cost.

Chemical resistivity

FRP has a higher chemical resistivity than most construction materials, including concrete. It is an inert material that does not react to most chemicals. It is an excellent choice for the chemical industry. In comparison, steel and timber are both highly susceptible to corrosion.

Resistivity to weather conditions

FRP has extremely high resistance to moisture and heat. It can withstand extreme environmental conditions, from high heat and sun to seawater. It is the preferred material for marine installations.


Other materials need polish or paint for a complete finish. FRP’s color is integrated during manufacturing process. It cannot peel away or show rust. Since molded trays are precast, there are also no unsightly bumps or breaks.

Low maintenance

As a thermoset material, FRP does not require any paint, polish or other regular maintenance to look good or maintain its resistivity to external factors. There is no heavy additional maintenance cost here.


FRP lasts for a long time, often outlasting other materials by decades. Its high resistance to corrosive factors is the reason it can stay in top condition for decades.

With its long life, low maintenance and resistance to corrosive material, FRP molded grating boasts of high value for money. If you are interested or want to know more about GRP molded gratings, call or mail us.